How to pay?


1- Every one can pay for the purchased item viah PayPal. Or can transfer money by using your ordinary Internet Banking (See below)

- Please send to us the list of the books/CDs you have chosen by e-mail ( with your name and delivery adress after you have payed for the books/CDs. If you want, you can buy only one book or one CD-title!

2- The Freight/Handle & Bank Fees:

100-300g:     Europe 15€-22€   Asia 18€-32€   America 22€-35€   Australia 29€-45€
301-500g:     Europe 18€-33€   Asia 35€-43€   America 28€-42€   Australia 33€-48€
501-900g:     Europe 22€-39€   Asia 28€-49€   America 28€-43€  Australia 33€-52 €
901-2000g:   Europe 39€-56€   Asia 49€-68€   America 43€-69 €  Australia 33€-89€

3- Finally you can pay whole the sum (book and freight fees) together.

4- The order is complete and we will send the purchased/payed materials to you within 2 working days for minor shipments and 3-4 days for the major orders.


Pay through


do your payment by your ordinary Internet Banking

by directly paying to our bank account below:

Handelsbanken Odenplan, Sara Distribution / Goran Candan,
Account: 743 561 538 Swift: HANDSESS, (IBAN: SE20 6000 0000 0007 4356 1538) Stockholm SWEDEN

Domestic/Inrikes (Sweden/Sverige) betalningar:
Konto nr: 743 561 538
Clearing nr: 6107