Linda Braidwood

LONDON: First Edition 1953

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by Linda Braidwood

LONDON: First Edition 1953






An American Woman Archaeologist’s Story of Life on a ‘Dig’

In the Kurdish Hills of Northern Iraq 200 Miles North of Baghdad.
A Happy Story of an Adventure into the Archeological Past


Small Testing Trenches on Karim Shahir




Darkroom with Vivian Calculating Exposure Time



Shergati Pickrnan, Saleh




Mahmud at Work on Dig



Linda Braidwood (1909-2003)

Linda Braidwood, a Research Associate at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, was a constant companion and professional colleague to her husband, Robert. She died the evening of his death, Wednesday, January 15, in the University of Chicago Hospitals. Linda Braidwood received a B.A. from the University of Michigan in 1932 and an M.A. in Archaeology from the University of Chicago in 1946. She joined her husband on expeditions throughout the Middle East, beginning in 1937. She helped him organize the work and was a frequent collaborator on his projects, which took the couple to Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. She published extensively with her husband and other scholars. She was the author of Digging Beyond the Tigris and wrote a number of reviews and other articles.


From Introduction ...

THIS is the story of a happy archaeological digging season in the Near East, of how it was planned and how the expedition lived and worked in the field. In the old days the archaeologist was a romantic individual in a sun helmet. He brought his museum or his patron the loot of royal tombs or of the great cities of known fame, Babylon, Ur, and Nineveh.

The modern archaeologist is not interested in glittering antiquities as such. He is searching for general understanding of man's past rather than for royal tombs. He is contributing ideas rather than loot.

Jarmo, the site we excavated, promised to lead to a clearer understanding of the first great change in human history; the time when men first settled down in villages and lived by farming and herding. If we could learn a little more about this, our year would be well-spent.

Staff picture taken during visit of Naji Beg
Left to right: Sabri, Bruce, Naji Beg, Bob B., Fred, Bob A.,
Liz, Linda, Vivian





Zahala with Esa's Visiting Brother





Bob and Abdullah punching men "out" with Douglas observing





Bob taking bakshish; Abdullah at left, Gretel above
Observing Camera (1948 Season)




Preparing IPC Exhibit




Sabri at Accounts




Line of Men Dancing at Opening Fantasia




Kurdish Wedding: Bride at right, our Guard's Mother in Center



Kurdish Wedding: Moloud, the Bridegroom




Kurdish Wedding: Men Guests in Courtyard Washing Hands before Eating


Contents ...



How We Came To Dig Jarmo

Getting Ready To Go

From Beirut To Damascus


Up To Jarmo

Getting Settled - Jarmo Style

We Begin To Dig

An Interlude of Dancing

Getting Into Harness

To Market, To Market

A Kurdish Market Place

Up From Hard-Boiled Egg Pie?

Luncheon For The Governor

Not So Light Housekeeping

Ailments: Automotive And Human

Junior Camp Members

Animal Problems

The Gathering of The Staff

Gran'ma Becomes An Archeologist

Spring Digging


A (Pleasant) State of Siege

A Kurdish Wedding And A Cherry Spree

A Busman's Holiday

Digging Ended

The Division

Farewell To Jarmo


Illustrations ...

Bruce's sketch of older Baghdad houses on the Tigris.

Bruce's sketch of Kirkuk bridge.

Modern Baghdad villa on the Tigris.

Chenchemal plain with mound and village of Chemchemal in center.

View of countryside on way from Jarmo to Karim Shahir,

Site of Jarmo as seen from across wadi.

Making a road in to Jarmo.

Expedition house as seen from south.

Modern example o f how mounds get built.

Men at work on Jarmo excavation.

Mahmud at work on dig.

Shergati pickrnan.

Bob and Abdullah punching men "out" with Douglas observing.

Bob taking bakshish.

Staff picture taken during visit of Naji Beg.

Bob B. at transit making topographic survey.

Pay day.

Vivian photographing.

Liz sorting in stone yard.

Bob A. probing a building corner.

Linda sorting flints, Douglas doing morning lessons.

Jeff and Dick Glessner and Bob B. examining animal teeth.

Herb and Sabri out on survey trip cross Lesser Zab river on barge ferry.

Conference on photographic tower.

Preparing IPC exhibit.

Sabri at accounts.

Darkroom with Vivian calculating exposure time.

Preliminary sketches o f typical Palegawra and Karim Shahir antiquities.

Preliminary sketches of typical Jarmo antiquities.

Jarmo architecture.

Rough stone "flooring" on Karim Shahir.

Jarmo architecture: mud-walled house.

Small testing trenches on Karim Shahir.

Esa making chocolate pudding.

Ali in winter dress.

Water being emptied from donkey's water bag to make mud for Joe's house.

Laundry day ended.

Zahala with Esa's visiting brother.

After a rain; Gretel and Douglas launching the fleet.

Vivian and Douglas round up wandering goats.

Christmas in camp.

Gazelle munching on ancient bone.

Vivian sorting potatoes.

Fred carefully eating meat to avoid damaging ibex bone.

Bruce's sketch o f Kurdish musicians and reed pipe used.

Line of men dancing at opening fantasia.

Sheikh Suliman and son "Billy."

Kurdish wedding.

Kurdish wedding.

Kurdish wedding.




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CONTENTS (CHAPTER HEADINGS ONLY – Pictures too numerous to list)

How we came to dig Jarmo
Getting ready to go
From Beirut to Damascus
Up to Jarmo
Getting settled – Jarmo style
We begin to dig
An interlude of dancing
Getting into harness
To Market, to market
A Kurdish market place
Up from hard-boiled egg pie?
Luncheon for the governor
Not so light housekeeping
Ailments: automotive and human
Junior camp members
Animal problems
The gathering of the staff
Gran’ma becomes an archaeologist
Spring digging
A (pleasant) states of siege
A Kurdish wedding and a cherry spree
A busman’s holiday
Digging ended
The division
Farewell to Jarmo













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